6. Message Transformations

Every industry has it's own set of international standards for transfer of data between software applications used by various providers. In Healthcare the standards are set by Health Level-7 or HL7.

Not all entities map the standards properly and that means you will have to learn how to manipulate the content of inbound/outbound messages in order to diminish the discrepancies between systems and to fix the error messages.

This is the main role of the Interface Developer and by taking this course you will gain a fairly good understanding of the subject.

What does it mean to learn Ensemble Foundation Part 6?
  • manipulation and transformation of HL7 messages
  • further development of BPL
  • testing, error debugging and project exporting

What is the value of learning Ensemble Foundation Part 6?
  • knowing how to manipulate messages is a foundamental aspect of IT integration
  • testing and debugging errors will give you a good picture into what might go wrong and how to fix it

What is essential in learning Ensemble Foundation Part 6?
  • having Ensemble Foundation Part 5 covered
  • basic knowladge of BPL
  • basic knowladge of the HL7 message structure

What is the larger purpose that learning Ensemble Foundation Part 6 supports?
  • it teaches you how to connect and exchange data with systems that were developed according to different standards consequently fulfilling the highest purpose of integration which is wholness

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