5. Configurable Settings

Are you prepared for unexpected where there's no time for development but only a quick and instant solution?

In agile environments, processes are changing rapidly and unexpectedly, many things might go wrong. Having your production being designed for such situations is crucial for saving you problems in a longer run. For that reason you have to know how to develop an interface that will allow you to customise your production any time, without any additional coding.

What does it mean to learn Ensemble Foundation Part 5?
  • developing customisable interface for your system
  • further development of BPL
  • testing, error debugging and project exporting

What is the value of learning Ensemble Foundation Part 5?
  • knowing how to and having your system fully customisable allowes to use your system in more flexible way
  • testing and debugging errors will give you a good picture into what might go wrong and how to fix it

What is essential in learning Ensemble Foundation Part 5?
  • having Ensemble Foundation Part 5 covered
  • basic knowladge of BPL

What is the larger purpose that learning Ensemble Foundation Part 5 supports?
  • you will learn how to develop a fully customizable system that can be used by none technical people

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