4. BPL and Custom Operation

What about the legacy systems that have their own way of connecting and processing data?

Although we are all aiming to standardise the way we share data there are still plenty of non standard systems for which we need to develop customised inbound and outbound processes in order to connect and share the data.

This part is a continuation of BPL development with specific focus on developing your own ways of connecting with other systems. You will learn how to develop your own Business Operation with your own type of messages and you will know how to utilise it for your own purposes.

What does it mean to learn Ensemble Foundation Part 4?
  • expanding standard capabilities of ensemble with new custom operations
  • further development of BPL
  • testing, error debugging and project exporting

What is the value of learning Ensemble Foundation Part 4?
  • knowing different ways of outputing outbound messages will increase the flexibility of your system
  • testing and debugging errors will give you a good picture into what might go wrong and how to fix it

What is essential in learning Ensemble Foundation Part 4?
  • basic knowladge of Object Oriented Programing
  • basic knowladge of BPL

What is the larger purpose that learning Ensemble Foundation Part 4 supports?
  • knowing a number of ways of how to utilise your inbound and outbound processes will allow the system to connect to any other systems out there

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