2. BPL and Database

"If I were given one hour to save the planet, I would spend 59 minutes defining the problem and one minute resolving it,” Albert Einstein said.

Most of the technology issues derive from process issues and process issues derive from the lack of a proper design. BPL is a Business Processing Language developed to support your organisations System Oriented Architecture (SOA). Now, when we are talking about complex, structured data like BPL or other implementations of BPL? That's a proper domain for XML. Of course JSON, XML or HL7 (Healthcare) are different ways of formatting data that is being shared via messages with different systems over TCP protocol. Each of them has different function and domain. BPL though is a specific flavour of XML that is used for helping you build a model that will line up all the business processes within your organisation. HL7 on the other hand is used for sharing data specific to Healthcare industry processes. Learning XML or HL7 and knowing how to use them is definitely a must not only for Healthcare developers.

What does it mean to learn Ensemble Foundation Part 2?
  • developing Ensemble production using Business Processing Language (BPL)
  • creating and configuring your own database tables
  • preparing for messages transformation - CloneRequest
  • testing and project exporting

What is the value of learning Ensemble Foundation Part 2?
  • knowing how to develop BPL using grafical and XML approach
  • being able to use or store data retrieved from messages passing through

What is essential in learning Ensemble Foundation Part 2?
  • having a good knowladge of XML
  • having a basic knowladge of BPL
  • having a basic knowladge of Databases and SQL
  • having your own set of messages for testing purposes

What is the larger purpose that learning Ensemble Foundation Part 2 supports?
  • learning this part will allow you to start part 3 as it's build upon this part
  • You will be able to use your knowladge of BPL any any other business processing contexts

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