1. Foundation Of Foundations

This part is a foundation of foundations of Intersystems Ensemble. It was tailored specifically for technicians as well as for executives to give them a clear picture of the system within extremely short period of time. It is also your unique opportunity to learn the system well enough to have a pretty solid understanding of its concepts and being able to start using them in your own organisation. After completing this part you will find yourself quite comfortable with login into the platform and playing around with its components without doing much damage to the system.

Completing this part should be sufficient enough for you to be able to continue your self development completely on your own.

What does it mean to learn Ensemble Foundation Part 1?
  • getting to know about the basic principles of the system
  • setting environment for future development, testing and deployment
  • starting new development from zero through project export

What is the value of learning Ensemble Foundation Part 1?
  • solid understanding of foundation of foundations of the system
  • gaining useful habits for iteritive and incremental development

What is essential in learning Ensemble Foundation Part 1?
  • obtaining installation software
  • getting the license
  • having a good knowladge of XML

What is the larger purpose that learning Ensemble Foundation Part 1 supports?
  • it sets a direction for further develpment
  • each further development is build on this part
  • getting familiarized with the grafical interface

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