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    We, Integrity Center Ltd take seriously the security of the personal information that you provide and takes every reasonable precaution to ensure that your information is used only in ways that you expect. Your personal information will be used for the purposes of marketing by Integrity Center Ltd, its group of companies, and shared with other valued third parties for them to contact you with their marketing messages, with your agreement by email, post, telephone & SMS – click on ‘Data Collection Notice’ above to see a list of our third party data partners. It will also be used for us and them for identification, fraud prevention and tracing. For full details of how your personal information will be used and shared, please ensure you read each section of this Privacy Policy by clicking on all the headings set out below.

    Your personal information submitted to Integrity Center Ltd, that we gather from you using this website, and from you signing up to and using our service (eg your interests and demographics), will be shared with other companies within our group of companies, for our group companies to use and share in the same ways as described for Integrity Center Ltd in this Privacy Policy, including in particular for sharing with third parties and partners who may send you their marketing messages. We may also share it with successors in title to our business, or if an Integrity Center company becomes part of another group of companies, for them to use in the same ways. We may also disclose your personal information to government bodies and law enforcement agencies when we are required to do so by law, or where we think it is appropriate to do so to protect our business, staff, clients, partners and users of this website and our services. We will share your personal information with third party companies for the purposes of market research, fraud prevention, tracing and identification. We will also share data with our suppliers who undertake data processing on our behalf and at our request, but with the appropriate controls in place to protect the privacy of your personal details.


    When you participate in a competition or offer we typically collect your name, address, telephone number, email address and date of birth. Sometimes other information may be collected which usually relates to the offer in which you participate. The information is collected so that we can fulfil the service we are providing to you which includes passing your information to the Partner providing the information and/or competition in which you are interested. Also you are giving your permission for us to share your information with third parties which may be unrelated to the offerings on this Site. When you participate in a competition and/or enquire about an offer you are also agreeing to receive promotional offers from Integrity Center Ltd, the partner company sponsoring the competition/offer and possibly third parties based in the UK, other European countries, USA or Canada. These promotional offers could be sent to you by email, in the post, by telephone or by text message. Please be aware that countries outside the European Union may have less stringent data protection standards than those within it, and that by signing up on this website you are acknowledging that your personal details may be transferred to those countries. You also agree for your information to be passed to a tracing company to be used for their products & services. If you would prefer not to receive promotions in the future, you can unsubscribe at any time. Please see how to unsubscribe below. Some Integrity Center Ltd competitions have specific terms and conditions relating to how your data is used and it is advisable to read and understand this information. If you have responded to Integrity Center Ltd competitions or offers through a third party partner site, it is possible that the third party may also hold your information and will be using it to make you offers. Subject to the marketing preferences you have indicated to us, Integrity Center Ltd reserves the right to transfer or sell your personal information to companies as further described in this notice including as referred to in our Data Collection Notice.


    The information that you provide to Integrity Center Ltd, is held by both Integrity Center Ltd and the Partners sponsoring the competition or offer. In respect your dealings with Integrity Center Ltd, we centralise all the personal information we collect about you and use this to create a profile of your interests and/or your demographics so that Integrity Center Ltd can provide you with information, and also to help our Partners understand offers that may interest you. Where Integrity Center Ltd uses specialist third party suppliers to carry out the fulfilment to send the offers to you, we will still maintain our control of your personal information. However when your information is shared with our third party partners for promotional purposes, it is no longer governed by this Privacy Policy, it is governed by the Privacy Policy of that Partner/ their website - so please always read these.


    You can unsubscribe from Integrity Center Ltd at any time by emailing If you unsubscribe your information will be placed in a suppression file and you will not receive any further marketing communications from Integrity Center Ltd. Please however note that there may be a brief period of time between your unsubscribe request and suppression to allow our systems to update. If you need to contact Integrity Center Ltd regarding an unsubscribe request you can do this by emailing If you no longer wish to receive offers from any third party partners, you will need to request this from the third party/ies in question, so please follow the instructions contained in the promotional material that they send you.


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